Palinspatic reconstruction of the Carpathian arc before the Neogene tectogenesis

Rafał Unrug


Rekonstrukcja palinspastyczna łuku karpackiego przed tektogenezą neogeńską

The Carpathian arc has a heterogeneous structure formed during Cretaceous and Paleogene tectogenetdc phases. Before the Neogene tectogenesis, flysch sediments were deposited in the Outer Flysch Belt and in the Pieniny Klippen Belt. The palinspastic reconstruction of these flysch basins based upon facies analysis and sedimentological data leads to the conclusion that the outward displacement of the Western and the Eastern Inner Carpathian Blocks during the Neogene tectogenesis was differential. This differential movement caused the deformation of the Szolnok Flysch Belt extending in the basement of the Great Pannonian Basin. A clockwise rotational component in the displacement of the Inner West Carpathians and resulting sinistral strike-slip shearing is probably responsible for the peculiarities of the tectonic structure of the Pieniny Klippen Belt.

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