Lower Muschelkalk carbonates of the south-western margin of the Holy Cross Mountains (central Poland). Cz. II. Diagenesis

Aleksandra Kostecka


Utwory węglanowe dolnego wapienia muszlowego południowo-zachodniego obrzeżenia Gór Świętokrzyskich. Cz. II. Diageneza

The work deals with diagenetic evolution of the Lower Muschelkalk sediments. The following problems are considered: submarine versus vadose early cementation, mineral composition of an early cement (non-ferroan palisade calcite cement of the first generation), chemical composition of the Muschelkalk marine waters, evolution of primary mud into microspar (syntaxial cementation), generation of microspar-size cement tin the mud-supported deposits, development of blacky calcite cement (the second generation) and its composition and neomorphism simultaneous with the late cementation.

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