Lower Cretaceous diatoms in the Polish Carpathians

Stanisław Geroch


Okrzemki dolnokredowe z polskich Karpat

Lower Cretaceous pyritized diatoms have been found in black shales (Verovice Shales) at Łodygowice (NW from Żywiec) and at Rybotycze (SW from Przemyśl) in the Polish Carpathians. On the basis of the arenaceous Foraminifera assemblage, the age has been determined to be Barremian-Aptian (most probably Aptian). .Some of the diatoms found are similar to the forms illustrated by Georgi (1976, Fig. 17) from the Lower Albiam of the Salzgitter-Goslar area. Described is one new species Aulacodiscus sieminskae and other tfomms such as Melosira sp., ?Endictya Sp., Coscinodiscus sp.

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