Semichitinoidella n. gen. (Tintinnina) of the Upper Jurassic of the Czorsztyn Succession, Pieniny Klippen Belt (Carpathians, Poland)

Wiesław Aleksander Nowak


Semichitinoidella n. gen. (Tintinnina) z górnej jury sukcesji czorsztyńskiej, pieniński pas skałkowy

Miorofossils of a two-layered wall of lorica comlbining the features of two superfamilies: Tintinnidea Bonet 1956 and Calpionellidea Bonet 1956 have been described from the boundary of the CH (=Chitinoidella) and A (=Crassieollaria) zones. A new generic name Semichitinoidella n. gen. is proposed for them, and two species: S. sujkowskii n. sp. and S. duranddelgai n. sp. are distinguished. A new family Semichitinoidellidae, including besides the earlier described genus Praetintinnopsella Borza 1969, the Semichitinoidella n. gen., is also proposed. There is also proposed a new superfamily Semiehitinoidellidea. A possibility of distinguishing a new ,,Semichitinoidella-Praetintinnopsela Zone” (“S-P”) is also discussed. Its position is tentatively determined as the lowermost part of the Microcanthwn Zone — ?uppermost part of the Ponti Zone.

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