Nowe znaleziska inoceramów we fliszu formacji sromowieckiej (Senon) Pienińskiego Pasa Skałkowego

Zbigniew Radwański


New Inoceram finds from Sromowce Formation (Senonian flysch) of the Pieniny Klippen Belt Carpathians

The Sromowce Flysch Formation is the youngest member of the Pieniny Klippen Belt. The Formation includes strata ranging from the Coniacian to the Middle Campanian (see: Alexandrowicz, 1966; Alexandrowicz et al., 1968a, b; Birkenmajer, 1977). The macrofauna of the Sromowce Flysch Formation is very rare (see: Binkenmajer and Kokoszyńska, 1958; Książkiewicz and Mitura, 1964). In the middle part of the outcrop shown in the fig. 1, the present author found the shells of Inocerams: I. cordiformis purus Seitz, I. cordiformis cordiformis Sowerby, I. cordiformis j.-böhmi Müller, I. cordiformis stimmbergensis Seitz and I. angustus Beyenburg. Stratigraphical ranges of Inocerams (tab. 1) confirms Santonian and partly Lower Campanian age of the middle part of Sromowce Flysch Formation. The state of preservation and the way of occurrence of fossils are indicating that macrofauna has been replaced

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