Ancient deep-sea traction currents deposits in the Lgota Beds (Albian) of the Carpathians Flysch

Rafał Unrug


Osady głębokomorskich prądów trakcyjnych w warstwach lgockich fliszu karpackiego

The Lgota beds (Albian) of the Carpathian Flysch contain thin, lenticular beds of fine-grained sandstone, siltstone and spongiolite with cross-lamination, concentrations of heavy minerals in individual laminae and good sorting. These beds axe intercalated in clayey shales alternating with turbidite sandstones. The lenticular beds are regarded as deposits of deep-sea traction currents. The relation of the ancient tractilon currents deposits to recent contourites is discussed. A general term „tractionite” is suggested for ancient traction currents deposits, alternating with turbidites.

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