Paragenetyczny związek B-lineacji mineralnej i parakinematycznej lineacji skalnej w Taurydzkiej Serii (Krym)

Jerzy Kotowski, Georgi P. Gorszkow, Stanisław W. Czesnokow, Lew W. Bieliakow


The paragenetic relationship between mineral B-lineation and parakinematic rock lineation in the Taurus Series (Crimea)

In the argillites and aleurites of the Taurus series (Crimea), mineral B-lineation with parakinematic features has been recorded. The lineation is represented by single minerals, one-component concentrations or fine aggregates consisting of minerals with layered structure. Apart form it, lineation represented by the s.c. linear rock elements has been noted. These are elongated rock fragments bounded by fissures S0, S1, S(1)x, S(1)2x, S2 , S(2)x, S(2)2x, S(2)3x. Elongation of the linear rock elements is, as a rule, parallel to the axis of folds of mezoscOpic and macroscopic size. In rare instances, the elongation is at an acute angle to the axis of the folds in question. In relation to the axiis of folds and to the linear -rook elements the B-dineation is: a) parallel, b) Oblique. In most cases, the linear rock elements (Bs) represent superimposed lineation (poly-B-lineation) as understood by J. Oberc, J. Kotowski (1971); they comprise mineral B-lineation (Bm) and linear slide structures (As). The presence of superimposed B-lineation implies that there are superimposed folds of two generations in the Taurus series on the Crimea.

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