Francuski mineralog F. S. Beudant na początku XIX wieku w Tatrach

Józef Szaflarski


F. S. Beudant’s excursion to the Tatra Mountains in 1818

The author discusses the results of a short scientific excursion made by the famous French mineralogist F. S. Beudant to the Tatra Mountains in the first years of the 19th c. (1818). Having analysed Beudant’s short written account of the excursion (fragments of which have been cited in the Polish text), the author arrives at the conclusion that Beudant determined correctly the composition of the Tatra granite; he also turned attention to the metamorphic series and to other mineralogical characteristics of the Tatra massive. Beudant’s description of the lower Triassic quartzite formation is quite correct, too. His account, short ais it is, is of great scientific importance; it lays the basis of scientific, mineral and geological description of the Tatra massif.

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