Foraminifera from the brackish Santonian deposits in the North Sudetic Ba­sin (Western Poland)

Stefan Witold Alexandrowicz


Otwornice z brakicznych osadów santonu w niecce północnosudeckiej

The continental deposits of the Santonian, occurring in the NW Sudeten, are an argillaceous sandy formation, containing thin layers of clays with a brackish lamellibranch fauna — Cyrena cretacea Dresch. In these clays an assemblage of arenaceous, foraiminifera dominated by borealis Tappan was found. There also occurred the foraminifera belonging to Ammodiscus, Ammobaculites, Haplophragmoides and Trochammina. The present assemblage contains species occurring in various stages of the Cretaceous, in specific ecological environments. In the North Sudetic basin this assemblage developed in lagoons with almost fresh water (mesohalic zone), in a warm-moderate, wet climate.

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