Parastomiosphaera malmica (Borza) from the Polish Carpathians and their strati- graphical value for Lower Tithonian deposits

Wiesław Aleksander Nowak


Parastomiosphaera malmica (Borza) z Karpat Polskich I jej znaczenie dla korelacji utworów dolnego tytonu

The species Parastomiosphaera malmica (Borza) has been found in a number of Upper Jurassic profiles in the western part of the Polish Flysch Carpathians and in the Pieniny Klippen Belt. Their abundant occurrence forms a characteristic microfacies that takes up a constant position between the microfacies with Calpionellidae Bonet (in the top) and the Lombardia microfacies with Carpistomiosphaera borzai (Nagy) and Stomiosphaera moluccana Wanne r . P. malmica is a monohemeral species; the P. malmica microfacies is of the Lower Tithonian age. In the present paper one can find a definition of a P. malmica zone; there are also profiles with P. malmica findings in the Polish Carpathians there, as well as an attempt at correlation with Aptychi zones and remarks concerning the age of some Upper Jurassic lithostratigraphic units of the Carpathians.

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