Trends of textural and structural variation in turbidite sandstones: the Cergowa Sandstone (Oligocene, Outer Carpathians)

Andrzej Ślączka, Rafał Unrug


Zmienność cech tekstualnych i strukturalnych w piaskowcach turbidytowych: piaskowce cergowskie (oligocen, Karpaty Zewnętrzne)

Trends of variation determined quantitatively for bed thickness, stratification structures, grain size, and qualitatively for miscellaneous sedimentary structures, are discussed in relation to lithosome shape and inferred basin geometry. Besides downcurrent gradients of textural and structural features, there exist gradients across paleocurrent direction. In the elongated lithosome of the Cergowa sandstone marginal near-source and axial far-downcurrent zones have the same textural and structural characters.

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