Miocen Iwkowej

Stefan Połtowicz, Janina Waśniowska


Miocene rocks near Iwkowa (Western Carpathians, Poland)

Miocene rocks in the Carpathians zone occur in two tectonic positions: 1. af the front or under the overthrust flysch units of the Carpathians; 2. overlying the Carpathian flysch. Miocene rocks overlying the Carpathian flysch have been recorded in several places, among others at Iwkowa. Iwkowa is situated in the western flysch Carpathians, 15 km south of their border (Fig. 1,4). The borehole Iwkowa-1 (Fig. 3) was drilled through Miocene and flysch rocks (Cretaceous), reaching the basement of the flysch formations. The Miocene rocks at Iwkowa belong to the Lower Badenian (Upper Opolian), Middle Badenian (Bochenian) and Upper Badenian (Grabovian). Microfauna (Table 1) implies sedimentation in the littoral zone of the sea with normal water salinity. Miocene rocks occur within a syncline made up of flysch formations of the Silesian nappe (Fig. 5). Under the flysch rocks, overthrust from the south, the borehole was drilled successively through the autochthonous Lower Badenian, Upper Cretaceous, Malm, and was stopped in Devonian rocks. From the south a tectonic outlier of the upper unit of the flysch Carpathians, i.e. the Magura nappe, is thrust over the Miocene rocks (Fig. 2,5).

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