Zinc and lead mineralization in collapse breccias of the Olkusz Mine (Cracow-Silesian region, Poland)

Maria Sass-Gustkiewicz


Mineralizacja cynkowo-ołowiowa w brekcjach zawałowych kopalni Olkusz (rejon śląsko-krakowski)

Commercial Zn and Pb ores in the Olkusz Mine occur exclusively in solution-collapse breccias. The ore bodies resulted from a succession of mineralization and brecciation processes. Five stages of mineralization and four stages of brecciation have been differentiated. Each stage of mineralization is characterized by a specific assemblage of minerals. As a broad generalization it appears that the processes of mineralization and brecciation occurred alternately whereby the clastic products of earlier stages are cemented and enclosed by the products of younger mineralizations. The steps of development of ore bodies in solution-collapse breccias are discussed with the aid of selected and representative sections.

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