Origin of the ore-bearing dolomite in the Triassic of the Cracow-Silesian Pb-Zn ore district

Kazimierz Bogacz, Stanisław Dżułyński, Czesław Harańczyk, Piotr Sobczyński


O pochodzeniu dolomitu kruszconośnego w triasie śląsko-krakowskim

The ore-bearing dolomite was formed by recrystallization of early-diagenetic dolostones and dolamitization of limestones. The magnesium ions required for dolomitization were chiefly derived from early-diagenetic dolostones existing in the structural environment in which the ore-bearing dolomite was produced. The formation of 'the ore-bearing dolomite is thought to have been effected by a combined action of hydrothermal solutions and mobilized ground waters. The hydrothermal solutions rose on a broad front along the north-eastern margins of the Silesian Basin and spread to the south and south-west guided by sedimentary interfaces and porous primary dolostones.

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