Flysch facies in the epimetamorphic of the norhern part of the Kaczawa Mountains (SW Poland)

Zdzisław Baranowski


Facja fliszowa w epimetamorfiku północnej części Gór Kaczawskich

In the metasedimentary rocks under study the occurrence of relict sedimentary structures has been ascertained. The formation consists of alternate layers of quartzites, metaisiltstones, slates and siliceous slates. Quartzites (metagreywackes) represent metamorphosed lithic, feldispathic and quartz wackes. A considerable thickness of the sediments as well as the preserved sedimentary structures and their sequence in the beds imply that the formation in question represents metamorphosed flysch rocks. Within this facies, the normal and shaly flysch subfacies have been distinguished.

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