An interpretation of climbing-ripple cross-lamination

Jan Środoń


Interpretacja ripplemarków wstępujących

The development of climbing-ripple cross-lamination has been studied theoretically, on the basis of the sediment transport theory of R. A. Вagnоld. The following new factors controlling the pattern of current climbing ripples were recognized: 1) the bulked sediment size changes, 2 ) the limited availability of transportable solids, and 3) the maturation of the rippled bed patern. There are three main measurable quantities constituting each pattern: 1) the angle of, climb of the ripples, 2) the bulked sediment size, and 3) the ripple height. Allen’s (1973 b) classification of climbing-ripples is expanded and slightly modified. The outline of the genetic interpretation of these structures is suggested.

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