Foraminiferal assemblages and facies change in the Cretaceous flysch of the Nysa Graben (Sudety Mountains)

Tomasz Jerzykiewicz, Barbara Teisseyre


Wpływ zmian facjalnych na zespoły otwornic we fliszu kredowym Rowu Nysy (Sudety)

A gradual increase in the amount of sand transported to the sedimentary basin by turbidity currents caused some facial changes within the lower Idzików beds (formation); the pelagic deposits in the Nysa Graben area were followed by normal and clayey flysch. Along with the facial changes, there has been detected a gradual increase in amount of benthonic Foraminifera paralleled by a decrease in the number of planktonic forms, and the appearence of primitive forms characteristic of flysch basins, among arenaceous Foraminifera.

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