An evaluation of flysch-derived fluvial gravels as provenance indicators

Stanisław Dżułyński, Jacek Rutkowski, Gerald L. Shideler


O możliwościach błędnych rekonstrukcji paleogeograficznych opartych na żwirach pochodzących z niszczenia utworów fliszowych

An analysis of Quaternary fluvial gravels in the Sandomierz Basin of southern Poland indicates that gravel assemblages derived from a heterogenous flysch sourceland are relatively unreliable indicators of provenance. Intrinsic attrib utes of the flysch facies render the derived gravels especially amenable to the acquisition of transport bias, resulting in the disproportionate concentration of durable and exotic lithologies. The final gravel assemblages are not only devoid of evidence reflecting their flysch affinities, but may also provide potentially misleading, evidence indicating the presence of non-existant exotic lithologies within the inferred sourceland.

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