Stomiosphaerina nov. gen. (Incertae sedis) of the Upper Cretaceous in the Polish Flysch Carpathians

Wiesław Nowak


Stomiosphaerina nov. gen. (Incertae sedis) z górnej kredy polskich Karpat Fliszowych

In the Upper Cretaceous sediments (Turonian — ? Santonian) at Żegocina near Bochnia (Polish Carpathians), some problematic unicellular planktonie microfossils have been found. These microfossils have one aperture and two-layered calcareous test. The test displays structural features of walls both of Stomiosphaera moluccana Wanner and Cadosina fusca Wanner. Microfossils with such structuraly composition of walls have not been so far mentioned in the literature. In the present paper they are called Stomiosphaerina gen. nov., and the following species are distinguished: Stomiosphaerina biedai n. sip. and Stomiosphaerina sp.

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