Występowanie barytu w komorach w kopalni "Trzebionka"

Piotr Sobczyński, Marek Szuwarzyński


Barite occurrence in karst cavities in the Trzebionka mine

This paper deals with barite occurences in cave deposits in the Trzebionka mine, west of Cracow. The caves occur in limestones that stratigraphically belong to the Wellenkalk III of the Muschelkalk sequence and are located below the base of the ore-bearing dolomite, the host of Zn and Pb ores. The caves are filled with limestone blocks, residual clays and contain considerable amounts of hydroxides of Mn and Fe. The barite is a minor constituent of the cave deposits and fills the voids between the limestone blocks. This barite is not associated with any baritization of the country rock. No direct relationship has also been found between the barite and the dolomitization and sulphide mineralization. The caves presumably developed by dissolving action of meteoric waters. It is concluded that the barite accumulations resulted from exogenic processes.

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