Fish otolithes from the Lower Tortonian deposits at Niskowa near Nowy Sącz

Teresa Śmigielska


Otolity ryb z dolnotortońskich osadów w Niskowej koło Nowego Sącza

The author has described otoliths (Pisces) from the Lower Tortonian deposits occurring near Nowy Sącz in the Carpathians. In general, 25 species have been distinguished and among them two new ones have been recognized; 19 species from Poland have been described for the first time2. The paleoecological analysis showed that the majority of otoliths from Niskowa is characteristic of the fishes which live in the littoral zone (Serranus, Centropristis, Carapus, Gobius, Trigla, Solea, Arnoglossus), and of those which appear a t river mouths and in lagoons (Sparus, Pagrus). There is complete absence of representatives of the Myctophidae or Macrouridae families living in bathypelagic or bathybenthonic zones of open seas, which have been recognized in Poland from the Lower and Upper Tortonian deposits of the Upper Silesia and the Lower Tortonian of the Kraków region. The marine pelagic forms are represented by the genera: Merluccius, Gadus, Dentex. Otoliths of fishes found at Niskowa indicate a warm climate. Only 2 genera: Gadus and Gobius are eurythermie.

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