Intruzja magmowa w warstwach brzeżnych w rejonie Marklowic (powiat Wodzisław Śląski)

Lidia Chodyniecka, Jerzy Sankiewicz


Magmatic intrusion in Lower Namurian in the Marklowice region, Upper Silesia Coal Basin Poland

Basalts were found within the Poruba Beds (Namurian A) in the profile of the bore-hole at Marklowice. The basalts in the veins consist of augite phenocrysts and pseudomorphs after olivine, embedded in miorocrystalline groundmass. Chemically the basalt is characterized by a low content of silica and high content of alumina and ferrous iron. The basalts are similar, both mineralogically and chemically to the basalts occurring in Lower Silesia and probably belong to the same magmatic province. The basalt from the Marklowice bore-hole is strongly altered, by hydrothermal waters. The primary minerals are hydrated and oxidized, and secondary minerals are represented by zeolites and caloite. In the contact zone of the basalt dikes the enclosing sedimentary rocks are thermally altered. At contacts with sandstones the volcanic glass is infiltrating the intergranular spaces. Quartz grains are displaying a characteristic rhombohedric fracturing. At contacts with siltstones containing coal partings, the coal is altered into natural coke. The basalt intrusion caused and increase of the content of volatiles in the coal seams in the Marklowice region.

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