Otwornice iłów pleurotomowych w Karsach koło Jędrzejowa

Halina Janiszewska-Pactwa


Foraminiferal assemblage from the Pleurotoma clays at Karsy near Jędrzejów

Oznaczono otwornice iłów pleurotomowych z dolnego tortonu z miejscowości Karsy w pobliżu Korytnicy w powiecie Jędrzejów.

Clays of Miocene age, called Pleurotoma clays because of the occurrence of numerous gastropods of the Pleurotoma genus, occur in the vicinity of Korytnica near Jędrzejów. A microfaunal assemblage found in these clays at Karsy is listed in the polish text (see p. 328). Besides the 67 determined species the assemblage contains several others, which were not determined. A comparison of the microfaunal assemblage from Karsy with other Miocene microfaunal assemblages and especially with the assemblages described by E. Łuczkowska (1955, 1957, 1958) and T. Śmigielska (1957) proves, that the assemblage from Karsy has more common species with Lower Tortonian foraminiferal assemblages than with the Middle Tortonian ones. However the assemblage from Karsy is not quite similar to the Lower Tortonian assemblages. This seems to indicate that the microfauna from the Pleurotoma clays represents a new type of assemblage differring from other Miocerle assemblages hitherto described. The presence of several Foraminifera indicating shallow and warm waters e. g. the family Miliolidae, Asterigerina, Borelis, Heterostegina, Amphistegina in the assemblage from Karsy and the rare occurrence of planctonic forms indicate, that the Pleurotoma clays were deposited in a warm and shallow sea.

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