Fragments of exotic rocks in the pelagic deposits of the Bathonian of the Niedzica Series (Pieniny Klippen-Belt, Carpathians)

Krzysztof Birkenmajer, Stanisław Mateusz Gąsiorowski, Tadeusz Wieser


Egzotyki w osadach pelagicznych batonu serii niedzickiej pienińskiego pasa skałkowego Polski

Some exotic fragments of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks occur in the Bathonian of the Niedzica Series, Pieniny Klippen-Belt of Poland. The shape of the fragments suggests alluvial gravel. The fraigments are enclosed in the pelagic and bathyal nodular limestone. Their deposition was undoubtedly simultaneous with that of the enclosing rock. The mode of transportation of these exotic fragments is discussed, and it is suggested that transportation by driftwood or by a „floating island” of tangled growth is the most probable. An attempt is made to reconstruct the stratigraphic sequence in the land the exotic fragments derived from, and to determine the position of this land in the Carpathian geosyncline.

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