Zagadnienia czwartorzędowe w południowo-wschodniej części regionu świętokrzyskiego

Andrzej Walczowski


Stratigraphy of Quaternary deposits of the SE part of the Holy Cross Mts region

There is no general agreement whether one or two glaciations took place in the SE part of the Holy Cross Mts region. Basing on recently obtained data the present author favours the latter opinion. During the Middle Polish glaciation, the Holy Cross Mts formed twice nunataks i.e. for the first time before the ice-sheet had covered the summit parts of the Mountains and for the second time during the recession of glacier. In the period of maximal glaciation, the Holy Cross Mts were entirely covered with ice-sheet since erratic blocks occur even in the highest parts of the Mountains. In the period of periglacial climate block fields were formed. During the Baltic glaciation the block fields were covered with loesses and consequently the process of their formation was hampered. Because of development of vegetation their area was reduced during the Holocene.

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