Distribution and variability of Calpionella Lorenz 1902 (Tintinnida) in the Cieszyn Limestones, Polish Western Carpathians

Wiesław Nowak


Rozmieszczenie i zmienność Calpionella Lorenz 1902 (Tintinnida) w wapieniach cieszyńskich Polskiego Śląska Cieszyńskiego

Distribution and variability of Calpionella alpina Lorenz, C. elliptica Cadisch and of intermediate farms as revealed by biometrical analysis of specimens from five profiles of the Cieszyn Limestones of the Silesian Series in the Polish Cieszyn Silesia a re presented. In the Upper Tithonian, both C. alpina and C. elliptica are equally common. In the Berriasian — ? Valanginian, C. alpina clearly prevails (more than 80 percent of specimens). The species are represented by small and medium specimens, and, in the lower part of the Berriasian, there are also large specimens of C. alpina. Small specimens prevail, constituting 70 to 100 per cent of assemblages Abundance of small loricae determined as C. alpina seems to imply that these are not really oblique sections of C. elliptica.

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