Zmiany nazw homonimów niektórych otwornic z tortonu Polski

Ewa Łuczkowska


Changes of homonymic names of some foraminifera from the Polish Tortonian

H. E. Thalmann (1958) notes several homonymes found among new names of Foraminifera introduced in the year 1955. Among others, the names of one species and two varieties described by the present author (1955) had been introduced earlier by other writers: Bulimina aculeata d’Orbigny, 1826, var, porrecta Łuczkowska — name occupied by Bulimina porrecta Franzenau, 1894. Cibicides boueanus (d’Orbigny) var. crassus Łuczkowska name occupied by Cibicides crassus ten Dam, 1944. Eponides spiratus Łuczkowska — name occupied by Eponides spiratus Seguenza 1880, (Truncatulina.) Therefore new names have to be introduced for the Foraminifera in question. Further studies of Foraminifera from the Grabowiec beds in the region of Bochnia, and of corresponding stratigraphic horizons of other regions in Poland (e. g. the beds overlying the gypsum member of the upper Tortonian in Upper Silesia and in the southern border of the Holy Cross Mts.) provided new material and led to the conclusion, that the above mentionned varieties should be regarded as new species. New descriptions are presented, enabling thus a more precised diagnosis of the species in question. The following homonvmic names are changed: Bulimina aculeata d’Orbigny, var. porrecta Łuczkowska is changed in Bulimina insignis Łuczkowska Cibicides boueanus (d’Orbigny), var. crassus Łuczkowska is changed in Cibicides crassiseptatus Łuczkowska Eponides spiratus Łuczkowska is changed in Eponides omnivagus Łuczkowska.

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