Directional structures and sedimenation of the Krosno beds (Carpathian flysch)

Stanisław Dżułyński, Andrzej Ślączka


Sedymentacja i wskaźniki kierunkowe transportu w warstwach krośnieńskich

Distribution of the turbidity currents in the Krosno beds implies the existence of at least three major sources. They were situated within the Carpathian geosynclinal belt. The Krosno sandstones resulted from the activity of turbidity currents and watery slides. In several sections, interstratification of coarse and fine-grained sandstones with opposita directions of supply occur. Various types of sole markings are discussed from the point of their applicability as current indicators. The descriptions of some hitherto undescribed markings are given in detail, i. e. casts of spinal joints of fish rolled over the bottom, brush casts, prod casts, vibrations marks, spiral groove casts etc. Some intrastratal directional structures are also discussed.

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