Koralowce Rugosa z gotlandu Podola. Część I Mazurówka

Maria Różkowska


The Silurian Rugose Corals from Podolia. I part Mazurówka

The Rugose corals described in this paper were collected during two excursions to the east of Podolia, It was necessary to examine the strata and associeted fauna in field work, to discover the conditions of life under which the corals lived. In this paper the Rugose coralla from only one locality are described, namely Mazurówka. Besides my own collection, which is now in the Department of Geology and Paleontology of the University of Poznan (U. P.), Dr Panow was kind enough to send me a collection of Rugosa from the Physiographical Museum of the Polish Academy of Science. (P. A. U.) 1 wish to thank Dr St. Smith of the University Bristol for sending me notes on the septal structure and for supplying useful information, to Dr Czekalska for discussion and to Dr Dominik for the care he has taken in preparing the photography. The work was done in the Department of Geology and Paleontology, the thin sections were acted in the Department of Mineralogy U. P.

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