Stosunki geologiczne oraz możliwości uzyskania nowych złóż ropnych w rejonie Węglówki

Julian Obtułowicz


Geology of the Węglówka area and possibilities of new oil reserves

Author mapped the Węglówka area during the years 1931—1933, as a p a rt of the West-Carpathians geological map, 1:200.000, for the Polish Geological Survey. The mapped area comprises the overthrust of Czarnorzeki, which in the east is composed of the folds of Grabownica and Turze Pole and in the west of the folds of Frysztak and Liwocz (Bratkówka). In Węglówka, the mentioned overthrust is superimposed on the beds of foreland, where a new fold was formed. In the stratigraphic section the oldest series consists of the beds of Lower Cretaceous (Aptian), on which rest the red marles, corresponding to the Ligota beds. The upper series is composed of sandstones of Sucha Góra, corresponding to the beds of Istebna (Senonian,). In the lower p a rt of the Paleocene formation appear Fucoidal marles on which rest the sandstones of Czarnorzeki and in the top the Czarnorzeki shales with the spherosiderites. The Senonian and Paleocene stra ta are diminishing their thickness to t)he east. The upper Eocene series is composed of the sandstone of Ciężkowice, variegated shales and Menilite shales. In the Oligocene series there are two horizons of lower and upper beds of Krosno. The overthrust of Czarnorzeki is divided by a transversal fault in two parts, the eastern composed of the folds of Grabownica and Turze Pole and western comprising the folds of Frysztak and Bratkówka. The largest p a rt of the above overthrust is between Węglówka and Godowa, with about 8 kilometers amplitude. West of Blizna the limit of this overthrust forms the fold of Grabownica and in the east the boundary is composed of a series of slides superimposed on each other. Oil occurs in the eastern pa rt of the overt'hrust in series of beds from Aptian to Eocene, i. e. to the sandstone of Cięż kowice. In the western part of this overthrust are known oil seapages in the sandstones of Sucha Góra (Senonian). The accumulation of oil in the oil field of Węglówka occurs in the depression of Western pa rt of the anticline, separated by a strong transversal fault from the elevation of this anticline. Enclosed graphs show the development of this oil field. The total production of this field until 1936 amounts to about 30.000 tank - cars (of 10.000 kilograms). About 600 tankcars per one hectare has been yielded. Increase of production in this oil field is possible by drilling the deeper parts of the Aptian series. In the eastern p a rt of the Czarnorzeki the mentioned overthrust is still unexplored. Oil shows are known in the fold of Turze Pole between Turze Pole and Wola Komborska. One may expect there existence of some oil deposits of industrial importance. In this general sketch the intention of the author was to point out the possibilities of finding oil deposits in the beds of Lower Cretaceous not only in the described region, but also in other tectonic elements of West-Carpathians.

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