Permokarbońska fauna martwicy karniowickiej

Eugeniusz Panow


Permo-Carboniferous Animals fossils from the travertine of Karniowice

The author describes a land snail belonging to the order Pulmonata found in the calcarsous travertine of Karniowice. The flora embeded in this travertine was described by M. Raciborski [4] who, on the basis of the investigated species, determined the age of the mentioned travertine as lower Permo-Carboniferous. Numerous shells found once by St. Zaręczny and at present by the author of this note, belong to the genus Dendropupa Owen, and the species is dedicated by the author to St. Zaręczny. Dendropupa Zaręczny i sp. nov. Shell cylindrieal, at the apex abruptly conical, obtuse. Whorls 7, flattened- convex, ornamented with fine axial riblets slightly oblique. First 5 whorls form a cone. The last whorl does not attain the half of the total lenght. Ante-last whorl surpasses the half of the diameter of the shell. Sutures impressed. Aperture toothless, slightly oblique, semioval. Margin of the peristome reflected. Angle of the apex varies from 41° to 50°. Dendropupa Zarqcznyi differs from D. vetusta Dawson [21 and from D. Walchiarum Fischer [3] by the general shape, smaller dimensions and greater height of the whorls. Moreover it differs from D. vetusta and probably from D. Walchiarum by the more rare and fine ornament: spaces between the ridge approach average 0,21 mm.

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