O nowych rodzajach otwornic aglutynujących z polskiego miocenu

Jerzy Małecki


New genera of agglutinated foraminifera from the Polish Miocene

When examining some foraminiferal material from the salt clays of Wieliczka, the author came across a sample from the Hrdina Chamber (Komora Hrdina) which contained a large number of hitherto unknown agglutinated foraminifera, similar externally to forms of the species Rhabdogonium minutum Rss., described by Reuss also from the salt clays of Wieliczka (fig. 1). However, after a detailed examination of his foraminifera from the Hrdina Chamber, the author arrived at the conclusion that they are not identical with Rhabdogonium minutum Rss. and, furthermore,, that they belong neither to the same genus, nor subfamily. Consequently the author recognized them to be new and gave them the generic name of Pseudotriplasia; within this new genus he distinguished a number of species, the description and photographs of which are included herein. In the course of his studies the author profited by the kind assistance and advice of Prof. Dr. F. Bieda, to whom he here renders his due thanks.

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