Plectoeratidus subarcticus, n.gen., n.sp., a new agglutinated foraminifer from the Upper Cretaceous of the western Barents Sea

Michael A. Kaminski, Eiichi Setoyama, Jarosław Tyszka


We describe the new foraminiferal genus and species Plectoeratidus subarcticus n.gen. n.sp., from the Upper Cretaceous deep-water deposits of the Kviting and Kveite formations in the western Barents Sea. The genus is characterised by its planispiral-biserial-uniserial chamber arrangement, terminal aperture and lateral compre- ssion. The biometric analysis of test ontogenesis has been applied to document its dimorphism attributed to megalospheric and microspheric generations. This taxon may represent an evolutionary transition between the Cretaceous genera Spiroplectammina or Bolivinopsis and the Cenozoic genus Eratidus. The taxon appears to be endemic to the flysch-type agglutinated foraminiferal assemblages in the Norwegian Sea area.

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