Cephalopod fauna and stratigraphy of the Adnet type red deposits of the Krížna unit in the Western Tatra Mountains, Poland

Ryszard Myczyński, Renata Jach


Gneissic exotic pebbles from the Cisna beds (Dukla tectonic unit) in the region of Wołosate (Biesz- czady Mts., Eastern Carpathians) were investigated. These exotic pebbles are from 9.5 to 13 cm in size. Basing on the structural features, the following groups of exotic pebbles were distinguished: granitic gneisses, laminated gneisses, flaser gneisses and mylonitic gneisses. Granite - granodiorite protolith was deformed in the shear zone; strain partitioning was probably an important process during deformation. The observed structures allow to determine the temperature of metamorphism as 500-550°C. The lower limit of pressure was determined basing on phengite geobarometer as 5 kbar. The nature and localization of the source area can be similar to the Bretila sequence from the Romanian Eastern Carpathians.

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