Chevkinite-group minerals in Poland

Krzysztof Nejbert, Bogusław Bagiński, Jakub Kotowski, Petras Jokubauskas, Edyta Jurewicz, Ray Macdonald


The chevkinite group of minerals are REE,Ti-silicates increasingly recognized as widespread accessory phases in a wide range of igneous and metamorphic parageneses. Members of the group are here recorded from five localities in Poland: a two-pyroxene andesite from the Kłodzko-Złoty Stok intrusion, a trachyandesite intrusion north of the Pieniny Mountains, a rapakivi-type granite from the Krasnopol intrusion, an anorthosite from the Suwałki Anorthosite Massif, and nepheline syenite from the Ełk syenite massif. Specific members found are chevkinite-(Ce), perrierite-(Ce) and, potentially, the Al-dominant analogue of perrierite-(Ce). The case is made that chevkinite-group minerals will, through systematic investigation, be found in a wide range of Polish igneous and metamorphic rocks.


Chevkinite-group minerals; Chevkinite-(Ce); Perrierite-(Ce); Mineral chemistry; Petrological significance; Poland

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