Famennian conodonts from borehole Bolechowice 1 (in the Holy Cross Mts.)

Günter Freyer, Halina Żakowa


The investigation of conodont remains has provided very full data concerning the thickness and division of the particular Famennian horizons and confirmed the occurrence of the Devonian-Carboniferous boundary at a depth suggested by. H. Żakowa (1967). It has also suggested helpful amendments concerning the division of the Tournaisian, conseqently also with regard to the sedimentation of the deposits. CorreIations have been made of the stratigraphic value of this group of organisms and the importance in this respect of microflora, of ostracods·and of macrofauna, particularly of some lamellibranchian species first described from Kazachstan and so far not reported in Poland outside the area of the Holy Cross Mts.

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