The Alpine microfacies with Glomospira densa (Pantić) in the Muschelkalk of Poland and some related paleogeographical and geotectonic problems

Jerzy Głazek, Jerzy Trammer, Krystyna Zawidzka


The Alpine foraminiferal microfacies with Glomospira densa (Pantić) has been found in the Triasik epicontinental (German) basin in Lower Silesia and Central Poland. Since in Poland this species was found not only in the Illyrian but also Pelsonian, the zone of Glomospira densa (both sensu Salaj 1969a and sensu Zaninetti & al 1972), so far restricted to the Illyrian only becomes thus extended. This horizon occurs not only in the higher part of the Anisian of the Tethys, but also in the deposits of the same age found at least in the eastern part of the German epicontinental basin. The problem of the paleogeography of the Muschelkalk basin and its connection with the geosynclinal area as seen in the light of the theory of plate tectonics are also taken into consideration.

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