Famennian chondrichthyans from the shelves of North Gondwana

Michał Ginter, Vachik Hairapetian, Christian Klug


Ichthyoliths, mainly shark teeth, from the Famennian of Iran and Northwest Africa are described. Evolution of shallow-water chondrichthyan assemblages on the shelves of Central Iran and the Tafilalt Platform, Morocco, related to time and environmental changes, is discussed. Four new taxa, viz. Deihim mansureae gen. et sp. nov., Protacrodus serra sp. nov., Phoebodus depressus sp. nov., and Ph. gothicus transitans subsp. nov. are erected and provisional reconstructions of heterodonty in dentitions of several Famennian sharks are proposed.


Chondrichthyes, Famennian, Palaeoecology, Dentition, North Gondwana

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