Ruda darniowa w Polsce – występowanie i zastosowanie w architekturze

Tomasz Pawlik


Bog ore in Poland: occurrence and use in architecture.
A b s t r a c t. The paper presents the characteristics of lump bog ore as an original building material. In architecture, bog ore was used as both a construction and decorative stone. The use of this rock material was determined, among other things, by its easy accessibility, colour qualities and ability to prevent dampness in walls. In Poland, it is possible to see buildings dating from various historical epochs (10th–21st c.). Buildings made of bog ore are concentrated only in certain regions of Poland, where they are an important element of the cultural landscape and historical heritage. They are also interesting geoturistic objects. The paper also characterizes selected physico-mechanical properties of the bog ore from Ruda Milicka and Ksi¹¿ OEl¹ski. The determinations of these parameters (density, bulk density, open porosity, total porosity, absorbability at atmospheric pressure, abrasiveness, compressive strength) were made in accordance with PN-EN standards.

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