Olech Juskowiak – petrograf, czołowy badacz podłoża krystalicznego NE Polski

Jerzy B. Miecznik


Olech Juskowiak – petrographer, a leading researcher of the crystalline basement in NE Poland.
A b s t r a c t. Dr Olech Juskowiak (1930–2022), Polish petrographer, graduate of the University of Warsaw, student of Prof. Kazimierz Smulikowski, professionally associated with the Polish Geological Institute in Warsaw. He was a leading researcher of basement rocks in the Polish part of the East European Craton, especially of plutonic rocks; his contributions in this field are considered a classic of Polish geological literature (“Plutonic rocks of north-eastern Poland”, 1971). He also conducted petrographic research in the Sudety Mountains and in the NE margin of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin. He participated in geological expeditions to Vietnam, Mongolia and Algeria, an expert in petrography and raw materials technology, and participated in archaeological surveys.

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