Kartografia 4D w strefie brzegowej południowego Bałtyku – zadanie państwowej służby geologicznej

Grzegorz Uścinowicz


Integrated geological mapping of the coastal zone of the southern Baltic Sea – task of the Polish Geological
A b s t r a c t. The research task Geological integrated coastal zone mapping concerns the recognition and visualization of the geological structure of the Polish coastal zone, enriched with the modelling of erosion accumulation processes, including prediction of changes in the position of the shoreline and identification of geohazards. It has been running since 2012 and implementsmulti-instrumental research methods. To date, a total length of about 155 km of the Polish coastal zone has been studied in an area of about 621 km2. The main results of the work are presented in the form of maps (e.g., lithogenetic, hydrogeological, geohazard), models (e.g., morpho-geological, hydrodynamic, predictive) and specialized analyses (e.g., morphodynamical, slope stability). In general, the work carried out is done for a utilitarian purpose, i.e. aimed at the practical use of environmental information. According to the standards of the Polish Geological Survey, most of the geological data acquired can be geoprocessed.

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