ARTYKUŁY I KOMUNIKATY NAUKOWE Zmiana dotychczasowego obszaru występowania polskich mołdawitów na podstawie nowego znaleziska z rejonu Opola

Karolina Paszcza


Change of the current area of occurrence of Polish moldavites on the basis of a new find from the Opole region.
A b s t r a c t. The moldavites are Miocene tektites found in Central Europe. Their presence in the Badenian sediments are rare due to fluvial reworking in the area. In the clay sediments of the Poznañ Formation, in the Dębina profile, one moldavite was found, which is the fourth tektite from these sediments from Poland. It had dimensions of  14 × 10 × 8 mm and a weight of 1.03 gram. The glass surface was richly ornamented, and indicates a quick deposition, without any long-distance fluvial abrasion. Currently, depending on the age of the sediments in which they occur, two substrewn fields of Ries-same-age and redeposited moldavites were characterized in SW Poland.

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