Ocena infiltracji efektywnej we fragmencie doliny Bugu k. Dręszewa z wykorzystaniem metody wskaźnikowej i modelowania hydrodynamicznego

Angelika Szczypczyk


The evaluation of effective recharge in the Bug RiverValley near the village of Dręszew (central Poland) using an index method and hydrodynamic modelling.
A b s t r a c t. The research question undertaken in this paper is the evaluation of recharging infiltration in the vicinity of Dręszew. This village is located about 40 kilometres north of Warsaw. The research area is located in the Bug River Valley. Determination of effective infiltration is very important as it is largely responsible for recharging the aquifer. Currently, many methods and tools exist for determining infiltration. However, it is necessary to make the selection of the method dependent on the purpose, the scope of the study, and the scale of the study area, but also the temporal aspect should be taken into account. Two methods were used to assess groundwater recharge. The first one is an index method based on the calculation formula proposed by Witczak (2011). The calculations were performed using ArcGIS v. 10.3. software. The second recharging infiltration assessment method was used to solve the reverse of the hydrodynamic model. A numerical groundwater flow model was built using the VisualMODFLOW program. Two methods were used to ensure mutual verifiability. In excess of this, the choice of the indicator method along with the mathematical modelling method was related to the fact that both assume the influence of the presence of a shallow groundwater table, from which evaporation is possible, sometimes exceeding recharge.

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