Charakterystyka osuwisk powstałych na hałdach po górnictwie rud żelaza w rejonie częstochowskim

Konrad Górka, Andrzej Piotrowski


Characteristics of landslides in dumps after mining of iron ores in the Czêstochowa region.
A b s t r a c t. For about 600 years Middle Jurassic iron ores had been mined in the Czêstochowa region. This process created many forms, among which mining and processing waste dumps are the best visible in this area. After the mining process had stopped, mass movements occured in the surface of the dumps. The paper presents specificity of landslides developed in dumps in the Częstochowa region, intensity of this phenomenon and landslides activity. Mass movements are present in each dump higher than 40 m and broader than 300 m. The largest and highest dump slopes are all covered by a vast landslide zones, where rotational slides and complex slides dominates. Despite the fact that exploration of iron ores had ended about 40 years ago, a large number of dump landslides are still active or periodically active. Some of these signs of activity can be seen on Differential Digital Model (DDM).

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