Monitoring fotogrametryczny z wykorzystaniem bezzałogowego statku powietrznego na przykładzie osuwiska zlokalizowanego na zboczach poeksploatacyjnego zbiornika wodnego w KWB Adamów

Krzysztof Karwacki


Photogrammetric monitoring with the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle – case study of a landslide located on the slopes of a post-mining water reservoir in the KWB Adamów Mine.
A b s t r a c t. The article presents the results of monitoring of landslides related to opencast mining. The landslides formed on the slopes of an artificial water reservoir in the Adamów open-cast lignite mine. The photogrammetric method was used for monitoring. The study of landslide activity was performed on the basis of six photogrammetric surveys made with the DJI Phantom 4 Advanced UAV. Changes in the landslide extent and vertical displacements were determined in five measurement periods. For four periods, differential digital terrain models were made and the volume of displaced earth masses was calculated. The future extent of the landslide was determined on the basis of cracks visible in high-resolution optical photos. The research has shown that UAVs equipped with an optical camera are very useful in monitoring the stability of slopes of post-mining water reservoirs. The applied method provided detailed data on the size of displacements without compromising on safety of people involved in field surveys.

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