Protokół obserwacji obszaru nizinnego, na którym występują ruchy masowe – na przykładzie powiatu wrzesińskiego

Dorota Krawczyk, Michalina Flieger-Szymańska, Tomasz Jeż, Katarzyna Machowiak


The procedure of observation of mass movements in lowland areas using the method of field vision on the example of theWrzeoenia poviat.
A b s t r a c t. The Environmental Protection Law (Act of 27 April 2001, Journal of Laws 2020.1219) requires Poviat Starosty to observe areas endangered by mass movements of the earth and areas where such movements occur. The Regulation of the Minister of Climate and Environment on information on mass movements of the earth of 4 December 2020 (Journal of Laws 2020.2270) introduces a less demanding method of observation, which is the so-called field vision method (§ 3, 1). This article provides a detailed procedure for inspecting mass movements. It can be widely used as part of local government geology tasks in lowland areas. The result of the work on the above-mentioned procedure is the “mass movement observation protocol (field vision method)”, which was tested on mass movements registered within the Wrzeoenia poviat.

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