Zagrożenia obiektów budowlanych i infrastruktury komunikacyjnej na tle rozmieszczenia osuwisk w jednostkach administracyjnych Sudetów

Rafał Sikora


Threats for buildings and communication infrastructure in the context of landslides distribution in the administrative subdivision of the Sudetes (SW Poland).
Ab s t r a c t. The paper presents the results of research on the landslide distribution according to the administrative subdivision of the Sudetes (SW Poland). It is the first comprehensive analysis of this problem for the Polish part of the Sudetes, which is based on the published data, cartographic materials and spatial databases. The index of landslide occurrence for each county has been calculated, and the number and types of buildings and roads located on landslides have been distinguished. The results were used for preliminary identification of hazards, which, in turn, provide information for the county governments, on various levels, useful for spatial planning and practical risk management.

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