ARTYKUŁY I KOMUNIKATY NAUKOWE Wpływ przerostów piaszczystych w węglu brunatnym na działalność górniczą – przykład ze złoża „Pątnów IV” (okolice Konina) w środkowej Polsce

Mariusz Dziamara, Veronika Glacová, Jakub Klęsk, Marian Marschalko, Robert Wachocki, Marek Widera


The impact of sandy interbeddings in lignite on mining activities – an example from the “Pątnów IV” deposit (Konin vicinity) in central Poland.
A b s t r a c t. Lignite from the “Pątnów IV” deposit is mined in the Jóźwin IIB opencast by the Konin Lignite Mine. Within the exploited 1st Mid-Polish lignite seam, there are layers of sand with a thickness of over 5 m. Based on field observations and geological mapping, these sandy interbeddings are interpreted as deposits of two or three crevasse splays of different ages. Due to such a large thickness of sands, only the upper bench of the lignite seam is currently mined in the Jóźwin IIB opencast. On the other hand, the exploitation of the lower and middle lignite benches of this seam is unprofitable at present.

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