Pięć lat aktywności Sekcji Badań Strukturalnych i Geozagrożeń Polskiego Towarzystwa Geologicznego

Rafał Sikora


Five years of activity of the Structural Geology and Geohazards Research Group of the Polish Geological Society.
A b s t r a c t . The Structural Geology and Geohazards Research Group (SRGR) of the Polish Geological Society (PGS) was established in 2017 on the initiative of employees of the Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute, the University of Wrocław, and the Jagiellonian University in order to integrate structural geologists, exchange views and information, and undertake various forms of cooperation. Geologists from over a dozen Polish scientific and commercial institutions, as well as foreign ones, participate in the works of the section. The activity of the section focuses on improving the research skills of its members and supporting them in achieving the best possible research results. An important element of the section’s work is the promotion of issues related to structural research and the dissemination of research results through organizations, and participation in national and international conferences. During the first five years of its activity, the section organized, among others, the 16th CETEG Meeting in 2018 in Rytro (southern Poland), and its members delivered several lectures at conferences organized by PGS and during the “Polish National Scientific Meetings of the Polish Geological Society”, which was organized on the 100th anniversary of the organization’s existence.

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