Sto lat międzynarodowej współpracy Polskiego Towarzystwa Geologicznego

Andrzej Ślączka, Rafał Sikora, Anna Waśkowska


100 years of international cooperation of the Polish Geological Society.
A b s t r a c t. In the 100-year history of the Polish Geological Society (PGS), international activity has been very important element of its activity. Shortly after the formation of PGS in 1921, CBGA (1922) and INQUA (1928) were formed as a result of the activities of PGS members. In the post-WWII period, international cooperation was undertaken by both the Main Board of PGS, as well as regional branches and specialist sections. During this period, foreign activity was limited mainly to the countries of the Eastern Block (Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Yugoslavia) and Austria. Nevertheless, the Ore Deposit Genesis Section and Palaeontological Section joined international organizations (IAGOD and IPA). The revival of international contacts took place in the 1990s. Cooperation was established with societies from the Baltic Countries, Albania and Bulgaria. The Polish Geological Society has become a member of AEGS and EFG and is affiliated with the AAPG. In the first two decades of the 21st century, PGS organized several international conferences: 12th MAEGS (2001), Pan-European Correlation of the epicontinental Triassic 4th Meeting (2007), GEO-Pomerania (2007), ICHNIA (2008), SEDIMENT (2009), 31st IAS Meeting of Sedimentology (2015) and 16th CETEG Meeting (2018). An important element of international cooperation has always been the participation of geologists from neighbouring countries in the annual scientific meetings of PTGeol and symposia of specialist sections taking place in border areas. In this respect, the best cooperation in several
decades was with colleagues from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, and after 2000 also from Ukraine. PGS grants the status of an honorary member of the Society to distinguished persons from abroad. Even before World War II, Maurice Lugeon became the first honorary member of PGS in history. In 100-year history of PGS, 47 persons from Poland and abroad received it, also members of PGS received status of an honorary member from other Geological Societies.

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